Lightbulb To all Devs, Firefox OS for OG

Hi mates

this is a video in which you can see firefox OS running on Optimus G E975. It's just a beta port with necessary thing not working:

I don't know this guy but apparently he's my compatriot
quoted from him:
Hello every one.
This is Firefox OS installed on LG Optimus G. This version is specially for LG Nexus 4 (Mako). Because of same technical specifications of these phones, with some changes on updater-script file we can use it on LG Optimus G too.
But as I checked important things, following functions doesn't wok:
1- SIM CART is not supported (Calling, SMS, Data,...)
2- Camera
3- Speakers
4- Touch Keys
Other functions are OK, But its not still ready for a daily use and its just for testing.
Finally, I should thanks website and its developers, also Mozilla organization developers that port this ROM for LG Nexus 4 that we can also use it on our powerful LG Optimus G
Will devs please make it run flawlessly on G?