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Yeah, been good - just busy. Currently holidaying in Florida for a couple of weeks... The couple of weeks previous got really busy trying to sort stuff out at work ready for me to go away. And out here, I haven't been able to find reliable WiFi lol.

Rest assured, though. I have been lurking like a boss.

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Ahah! Well I am glad that you are a big fan and supporter

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So it is still happening this morning. So these are just regular normal links. For example here are some:


But I have sent you a personal email with a screenshot and video of this, I am sending it now.

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And thank you please bring on this personal filter app, because we are victims to our own friend's random postings of everything form what sauce they put on their spaghetti or from which dog video of the day they find the cutest.
Thank you for all the data, I am working on these things

By the way, I was a bit off the grid to work on a project that I will reveal really shortly, stay tuned guys!