Default First Impression KitKat ZVC OTA [LS980]

OK battery life is supposed to be better... I don't think so. When i was on JellyBean (ZVA) i could fully charge my phone at night and go to sleep and in the mornin i would still be at 100% now i am losing like 10 - 15% over night.

Google play services is always running and it shows 12% battery usage. WHYS IS GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES ALWAYS RUNNING???

i am very upset that i went back to stock to update to kit-kat after spending countless hours modding my phone the way i like it.

I might just downgrade back to ZVA (JB)

Knock-On feature works less than before now. I don't know why... it is VERY inconsistent.

I DO like the way they re-arranged the notification panel, if you just touch the top it will bring down just the time and date. i love that. Exactly what Samsung's "TOUCH WHIZ" had three years ago.

They fixed the weather animation for the lock screen where it appears every time you wake your phone. The reason i do not use it is because it shows sunshine at night time. Very annoying

Honestly i don't know what else was upgraded in this update...

Things i would have loved to see.

Camera rec. 120fps and slow motion feature added. 4K

Knock on/off feature fixed.

Tap to unlock feature

Tap to pay google wallet


Over all i don't think it was worth losing all the mods i had placed on my phone. (Native Hotspot Mod, Xposed Mods, split view, custom recovery, camera mods, extended power menu, Root and many more)