Default [Q] (REQ) S5 System UI and SecSettings for DeOdexed ROM

I'm looking for a Galaxy S5 System UI and SecSettings apk that will work on a DeOdexed 4.4.2 ROM. We have a S5 Sprint build on our Note 3 but no working Camera. I want to go back to the Note 3 4.4.2 build because I need my camera but I want to keep the S5 status bar with the Spark Icons and the S5 Settings menus. Also if there is a way to keep the S5 Lock screen and anyone can help with how I would appreciate it a lot.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 NCB Galaxy S5 OS
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Stock DeOdexed and DeBloated
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Stock DeOdexed and DeBloated