Default Samsung KK 520 Open source :s

Hey guys,

So I just got this device last night. I set up a virtual linux workstation and started downloading my source from samsungs site. - My only problem is that for the 10.1 wifi model, 520, theres like one package.. Then there's the 525's package, the one ending with "UANAF", apparently my device is of the model "520", but it has the UANAF. I wanna start reading up on building a kernel and a CM port from scratch.. (I never did before but I'll see if it's doable in some way..) Would I be able to at all build a CM build from this file? And also, do I use the 525 package or the 520? I'm a bit confused as to why my build is called UANAF when on the site, that's the one for 525.. I just really dont wanna study and then end up compiling from a wrong package and then **** up my device before I really began..

Hay. - I'm attaching an image so you can see what I mean by 520 and UANAF.. Hmf.

Cheers if you have any info on what package to use or can hand me some nice starter stuff. As of now, I found out how to build the rom itself, but the kernel building, I'm a bit confused about still. I dunno what files to grab and how to compile. But I have dreams. Don't take them from me. <3

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