Unhappy [Q] Power Button messed up :( - HOX+ Stock International Unlocked

I have a HOX+, Stock (Android 4.2.2, Sense 5), Unlocked, International (Asia, India)

Disclaimer: I am a n00b.

I dropped my HOX+ and the phone went into a restart loop.
For some reason, I thought this was a software issue, but I couldnt get the phone to reset/restart.
I read up on boot loop issues, installed SDK and drivers and still couldnt get the phone to function. (read disclaimer)

Then, I decided to detach the polycarbonate back and the phone started normally. I didnt take the phone back off completely.
On re attaching the back, it seems something triggers the power button and phone goes into restart loop.
Although, the button itself does not seem out of place by appearance or touch.

Are there any tutorials to re-position the power button?
Your help is greatly appreciated.