Unhappy [Q] Help ! My phone restarts in a loop.

When I was installing a font at first, I had to reboot my phone for the font to appear on my phone. When i reboot, it shows the sony logo. Then it shows the XPERIA logo. On the xperia logo, it faded off in red blue and green. And then it just keeps restarting and restarting the whole process all over again. My phone is an xperia SP and rooted. No roms were installed, just the stock rom. And also, previously when i reboot to change my other fonts, it worked perfectly before. Please Help !
I did try to find other threads but, can't find any. Maybe i cant search the right keywords. Any suggestions? or Any way to recover my phone? Or is it just bricked?
:| Please Reply ASAP. Thank you and have a great day ahead ! |:
I did checked other forums, threads and etc. but they did not have this same exact problem. Please Help !!!