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I said you cannot increase beyond 320 for your device. It depends on screen resolution as well. I didn't say you cannot increase. Mega can also use 320 DPI. Note 3 factory default is 480 DPI.

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Ic, sure the Note 3 has higher DPI.. that's my point.. higher DPI is LOWER RESOLUTION as the screen is smaller in size.. otherwise no one can see anything.. but why is there a hardware limitation on a device with such a high-res display like on the Note 10.1? Should be zero problem to run it at a higher DPI (meaning lower resolution) to make things for readable.. I hear many reports and complaints on the new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 that has same screen density and DPI, but, as the display is even smaller, things on screen are even more miniscule.. also can't change to a higher DPI?.. I don't know what's up with the folks at Samsung are thinking but they want make everyone blind.. I can't imagine a Tab almost 2 inches smaller than mine with the same res.. I already can't see mine unless with a microscope.. imagine smaller..