Phone [Q] How does Play Store alteregos like AppAware display apps? (legal question)


We have a very special idea about a new Play Store alterego. We would display Android apps in a dedicated app just like AppAware, 1Mobile Market, AppSales, Appsfire, but in a special way. However, we don't know if we can display the apps without the developers' permission.

Do these apps scrape Play Store for data and display the apps without the permission of the developers or do they ask developers if they can use their apps? Considering these apps provide users with thousands of apps, I don't think they mail all developers.

What do you think? Can this be done? Is there a risk that a developer sues these apps for using his app without his exact permission? These apps have 500,000-1,000,000 downloads which mean they are very popular.

Note: we won't offer direct download of apps. When users click on apps they will be directed to the Play Store.