Default [Q] Xperia Tablet S screen broke

So it fell, a shallow drop, but it knocked a corner.
From the corner it cracked to the opposite corner.
So is there a way to buy a digitizer and stuff? The other thread is kinda old so I figured I'd rewrite again.

Device Name: Nexus 5
ROM: Rastakat(all variants)/ Velocity
Kernel: Trinity

Other Device: Nexus S/ Nexus Prime/ Nexus 7(2012)/ Nexus 10/ LG O2X

Devices I meddled with(rough chronological order):
LG Optimus 2X, Google Nexus Prime(my new daily), Google Nexus 5(my girlfriend), Google Nexus 4(Sold), Google Nexus S(for everything else), Samsung Galaxy Note(sold), LG Optimus 4X(sold), HTC Sensation XE Pyramid(sold), Samsung Galaxy Wonder(sold)