Default [Q] Sense 5.5 + Beats Audio = Phantom Middle?

Hi Everyone,

I've been searching the forums for an answer to something I came across as I flashed my SPRINT HTC LTE with Sense 5.5 rom.
So far I've flashed 3 different SPRINT LTEs with 4 different 5.5 roms (have not tried Sense 5 RUU) and have come across the same issue.

I've used the HTC and Google Music players only. Everything seems fine (music plays, Beats on and icon showing) but it seems to be playing through a "phantom middle" audio setting. If I toggle Beats off, I can hear the volume go lower and dynamics turn off as it should, but when I toggle back on it gets a lot louder and crisper (Beats Audio finally kicks in) than before I toggled off. I can also just pause a song that's playing and then hitting play again to activate Beats, though this does not work all the time. I've since installed Viper4Android hoping for a workaround, but with only one major difference. With or without V4A, the audio will revert to the "phantom middle" setting if a call comes through or if any notification sound plays. With V4A, I can listen to a whole set list or album without toggling Beats most of the time. Without, I have to toggle as soon as the song changes.
The problem is persistent although there is the occasion where it works as it should. As soon as you switch albums, the problem starts again.

Has anyone else heard of this? Any workarounds?

I'm looking to replace Beats with DSP Manager. I've never attempted an audio replacement, but I'll try to figure out and see if that works.