Default [FONTS] List of fonts and font apps for M8

Looking for good fonts for the M8. I was able to get ahold of my favorite one right now, SegoeWP. I grabbed a zip of all the different apks for custom fonts that you can put on the M8. If you search for ones that worked on S3 and older Samsung phones they also work on the M8.

Anyone using an app or something to install good fonts on their phone? Let's compile some fonts here for use by others with the M8.

Apps (I've used and tested):

iFont application

Free Font Packs

Free Font Pack 1* (individual APKs)

*Note: I tested a few of these and they work fine on the M8. This is supposed to be a packaging of free fonts online. It is not mine and I didn't not compile so if there are any copyright concerns, I'll remove immediately. Source: Developer site
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