Default [Q] Kurio 4S Recovery

I can not run my Kurio 4S touch tab. It is capable to power on, however loading screen is everything what I can see as far as I can say. I did full wipe including the cache however nothing changed. I have another Kurio 4S however it does not have battery and it's screen is broken. Is any opportunity to get the stock ROM? It includes some apps plus it's accurate (as for tablet with LCD size something about 4 inch). If stock ROM is beyond the reach, please tell me how to "transfer" an OS from the broken one.

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Resolved on my own. I do not know why wipe did not did the trick, however I found the package ( which I loaded from an sd card - that resolved the issue. If you'd like to restore preloaded apps extra step is needed. You need package with index "recover" on beginning of it's name. Unfortunately from some reason these are no longer available at support page. I'm sorry for missing links.