Default [Q] Re-access AROMA in PMP Ultra ROM v.8.0

***A query to Sir Mohitash or to anyone who can answer my question*** (Sorry for posting it here, its because I'm a newbie and is not allowed to make posts to the official PMP Ultra ROM thread).

I've recently (and successfully installed) PMP Ultra ROM v.8.0 and selected TouchWiz as the only launcher to be installed. However, I had a change in heart and now wanted to try the Holo or Nova launchers. Is there a way to access AROMA again (without reinstalling the update version of the ROM in CWM recovery) so that I can access its many features (such as installing the launchers)? But if there is none, Sir Mohitash, could you please release a new update for the ROM that will incorporate a feature like this.

Thank you.