Default Xperia Z1 Honami ROM Question

Dear Mr. @saqib nazm,
I like your ROM very much. I try hard to install it but I am not successful. Following is my problem. Please tell me how I can install your ROM.
I found all ways to install this rom for full one night but when I complete the Aroma installer and come to set up wizard It face bug. And I can not complete the setup wizard because It is always forced to close at the fifth step. And the home screen come to a black color screen. It seems to be normal at the locked screen but There is no way to switch to the home screen. However, I can still open the setting via the quick setting on the top. I reinstall the rom for 4 times with both stock based rom ICS verson .587 and .13 and both different kernel as some comments at the topic.
I can't ask your help in your topic because I have less than 10 post.
Please help me.
Thanks very much for any help.