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Works like a charm with the lastest Slimkat on Nexus 4. Thanks a lot !

Just add a widget to one click connect from the launcher and it will be the best VPN apps that I've use.
Today I've a Tasker task to launch Anyconnect with uri and simulate touchs screen to automate my connection.
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Is there a way to don't have the attached screen ?
The connection warning is one reason why supporting unattended connections (e.g. connect-on-boot) is problematic. It is a system dialog that cannot normally be bypassed on a stock device.

If your device is rooted, you bypass it by installing the Xposed Framework and then the Auto VPN Dialog Confirm module. This worked for me when I tried it on a JB 4.3 tablet. Keep in mind that a couple of steps are required before the change takes effect:
  • Enable the Auto VPN module in the Xposed configuration
  • Reboot the device
  • Check the box for OpenConnect in the Auto VPN Dialog Confirm settings

If you have your VPN credentials saved, you can also enable "Batch mode" in the VPN profile so that reconnecting just requires launching OpenConnect and touching the "reconnect" button at the bottom. If you've stored answers to all of the logon prompts, it won't pop up any additional dialogs.

I'll look into the widget question.