Default [Q] Nexus 7 dash installation - AC Power only?

Hey guys,

I've read through all the Nexus 7 dash install threads and I know this has been asked once before but not really answered. I didn't really think about this until today when I said to myself, "**** it's hot" upon entering my truck.

I moved to AZ to attend college. I was in San Diego, CA before so it wasn't really an issue. I installed a Nexus 7 in my dash last year. It's connected by microUSB charge cable to a cigarette lighter adapter that's soldered in. It's connected AUX for audio to a single din JVC unit behind the dash. I touch my phone to NFC to BT to the JVC unit for calling and wifi hotspot to the Nexus 7 for internet.

At first I had tasker sleep the tablet when the ignition was off. Problem was, if I went a period of time without driving (which I do), the battery would get low. Since most of my drives are short, it would never receive enough power to charge it sufficiently and would eventually die. Then I'd have to remove the tablet and charge at home and then reinstall it (annoying).

So I applied the “fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0” mod so the tablet powers on immediately when it receives AC power, and I have Tasker shut it down after a minute of no power. I realize it's probably not healthy for the battery to be charged to 100% always, but I don't care about the battery as I bought the Nexus 7 solely for my truck.

Lot's of writing, but that leads me to this question: Can I remove the Nexus 7 battery completely, and will it boot up as it's connected at the moment because of the “fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0” mod? I'm scared that the battery might explode in the 110F+ AZ summer heat.