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Learn to read. He was a council . But some children do witty here .

Instead of rillasciare 1000 rom with the exact same problems and correct them better .

100 release all with the same bug .

One who seeks to improve his phone is unstable and a good rom 5-10-15-20 . Namely lost days / weeks for nothing.

At least mentionate the real problems , instability , crashes , problems with applications , etc. .

Without a great job and this is true , moreover, for free and for this I thank you . But it would be better to say ALL the problems and not just a few. (crash , many applications do not go, spontaneous reboots , black screen , need to lower frequencies to arrive at noon with the battery problems with wifi / GPS / tethering / artifacts etc )

Obviously it is impossible to attain perfection because LG has abandoned this device and does not release drivers blobs etc. .

Sorry for English, use google translator. I REPEAT before making silly and unnecessary comments read to cherry .

Children can spare some comments / jokes because you're ridiculous .

Close the discussion and bannarmi mean just be left over at the 5 elementary school.

A council does not hurt: P

By Children