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(ROM) Sky Note Air - 4.3[I317MK6-MJ4-MK4 Hybrid] 3-15-14

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any update coming to this rom?
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Sean is on tour with his band. He does keep us upto date

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Originally Posted by Pito67 View Post
OK after I format my internal sd card and load with ODIN TWRP I was able to make a good install of Sky Note Air G2.
The only issue I still have is Wifi not working.
Go here for the latest AGNi kernel»»»

Originally Posted by 1drummernamedmarcus View Post
Page one of the op has an outline for this and or flash agni and you'll be good to go..

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This here is true^^^^^

Originally Posted by tak.japan View Post
any update coming to this rom?
You pop in and the first thing you ask for is an UPDATE?? When everything is running smoothly with the current updates...
XDA Rule: Don't ask for nor request any type of update... That's anywhere on XDA!!!
You'll see someupdates when Sean gets back from making his MUSIC and his MONEY...
Flash what's here and enjoy for FREE...
You have any problems come back and report here and someone will help you.

Originally Posted by eddhard View Post
Sean is on tour with his band. He does keep us upto date

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Absolutely correct. He'll be back soon, to hook us up that's for SURE.

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Default Extract the file

I am working to learn how Seanz is such a master of modifying his roms. When you download the file to your computer you can extract the file using 7zip or something similar. You can then look at the folders inside. This is a start to seeing what is in the update, it still leave the update on your computer to put on your phone and flash later. If you open this new folder up you will see that it has a new system ui, wanam exposed, and android xposed installer, he may have modified these or just included the latest version not sure.

You will also see buildprop, which from my understanding can change how the phone is identified by apps, or your carrier. Also is used by developers to understand how they set up this version of their own rom, or someone else that may be trying to add something to it.(someone else may have a better answer on this.)

It also contains a file system tweaks, I imagine this is for things such as making the internet connect quicker, but also for things such as how often does the rom look for a wifi connection, brightness of the screen, and by looking in it appears that he modified how the kernel responds when the device goes to sleep, and when it wakes back up. etc. all of these factors are going to effect battery life.

The .4 in his file name basically indicates not a lot in the update, but he thought these change were important enough not to wait for a full version. I really didn't even notice the change in icons, not like he fully themed the rom here) I have heard a few complain battery life was worse with this update, but that has not been my experience. Exactly the opposite. My guess is that it was due to the devil kernel. Not necessarily that it is bad, ( I have not used it) but if it was set to better graphics, faster processor (overclocked) etc, this will cause your battery to tank quicker than anything else. You could read on the thread for the devil kernel as someone has probably made suggestions for settings that conserve battery. One other thing to consider, is almost everyone has commented that the Note 3 features seem to rob battery life slightly compared to the vanilla, if you use these features alot may also be part of your problem.

I am using the agni kernel, and just a few changes in this kernel have drastically improved my battery life, and not really a noticeable drop in performance. ( sure if I ran something like antutu to test speed would not win a race, but I prefer having better battery life and stability.)

Now that I have told you how I reversed engineered some of what he has done, look in post #3 under the changelog, he gives you what he has done at each stage of this rom..

I have not tried a kit kat version yet. Seanz has not made one, and I want the Note 3 features with the spen, so will be trying as soon as those are available.


Originally Posted by bballengphd View Post
Just a quick noob type question. What does the updates have other than the icons?

What I mean is I have note 3 edition G2 installed couple weeks ago, then installed the standard icons update G2.4, and devil kernel for wifi on my i317m. But, that really killed my battery. So I re-installed just G2 with no update, and original kernel that came with the rom, and the battery seems to be ok, not as good as when i was on kitkat roms, but good enough to last the whole day.
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