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Not sure what is happening to my phone. I have had stock 4.2.2 rooted with CF auto root for months and had no problems. A few weeks ago my phone started to randomly shut down, not properly just complete power off in an instant. It would then start to reboot and get to the Samsung S4 logo screen before powering off again and trying to reboot and then gets stuck in a constant loop. At first I was able to just reinstall CF root with Odin and it would start up OK. I could also get it to start by re-installing Philz recovery.

Now though, that doesn't work so this morning I installed JB 4.3 I9505XXUEMK8-PRE-ROOTED-KNOX-FREE-ODEX-FULL.tar.MD5 and it says that it is rooted and everything seems to be OK but after an hour or so it has started to randomly shut down again. If I attempt to go into recovery (stock) and clear the cache partition it will reboot normally and run for a while until I use an app and do it again. Am I doing something wrong here or is my phone just knackered?


Any luck with your problem? I seem to have the same problem... Only difference is that my phone is not rooted yet.

I did have a swollen battery and had it replaced, still no luck in the phone working.