Unhappy AINOL AX-1 POSEIDON Sensors problem

At first i would like to say that in my opinion this 3G tablet is a very good value money.
My tablet arrived already rooted with the stock rom 20130715.V1 .
Of course there was the well known IMEI problem (but easily solved :http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2552197 , thks Mobeca ).
Also there was problem with the phablet's sensors.
Even though Android Sensors List detects G sensor,Magnetic field sensor,Gyroscope sensor, Proximity sensor etc , none of them seems to operate.
The only sensors which really function are the accelerometer and rotation .

So I decided to flash it with the new Ainol rom 20130910.V1 just in case the problem would be solved but no result .
Anyway here i am now with the same useless sensros sleeping inside my phablet and waiting any of you to wake them up.
I am looking forward receiving your ideas and opinions on the issue.