Default [Q] Accessing data from a hard bricked phone


How can I recover the data I have in my hard bricked HTC One V (from 2012), namely, contacts and unsynced data?

My HTC One V (from 2012) died all of a sudden about 4 days ago. I have tried the Remo Recover for Android and I was able to access some files, but I couldn't find any .vcf files or anything else I could tell would help me restore my contacts information. On I read an article saying that contacts are not stored on the SD Card, but the internal memory. With Remo RFA I was able to scan the SD mini card (which had no useful information that I needed as far as I could tell), and a drive Remo identified as a generic drive. I assume this is the phone's internal memory, but I find no .vcf files in that location. I am willing to take the phone to a shop or a hardware expert to recover this information, and I imagine this is the only option left for me.

I'm doing all this because Google has not maintained all of my contacts synced. When I check Google Contacts on my laptop some contacts are missing. They just so happen to be very important contacts from out of town, hard to reach, and some whose names I have forgotten! I only remember them by their face/contact icon. I would also like to have access to the files on the bricked phone for reference.

Your advise is sincerely appreciated,