Default [Q] Questions about Themes and Cyanogebmod 11

Hi. I have been cruising this forum for a couple of years, * always gotten great advice!) now and since I replaced my sprint version (No SIM card) Galaxy S3 with a AT&T Galaxy S3 (with SIM card) I want to make my new phone like my old one as much as possible. My old phone was rooted with team epic root from recovery, but I kept the stock android ROM because I likes it's themes, especially the phone, dialer, and messenger themes.
The new one has cyanogenmod, version 11-20140210-snapshot-M3
Cyanogenmod is OK but I can't do that cool swipe screenshot with it, and the contact list, phone, dialer, and messenger themes kind of don't work for me, and I prefer the stock themes for these apps.

1: Can I use nandroid backup to make a backup from my old phone to my new one, and restore to my older phones themes and settings?
(will nandroid work between non0SIM and SIM card based phones?)
2: If I cannot do this, is there a way I can make my new themes look like the stock rom?
3: If I keep cyanogenmod, is there a way to still have the swipe screenshot function working again?
4: If I can't do any of these. how can I totally reset the phone back to factory settings, and get rid of vyanogenmod?

I really appreciate the help!