Default My Epic for DEV

In January I started having problems with sound on my epic. The only way I could make calls is through wired headphones and mic. Bluetooth is screwed. I bought a new LG optimus f7 and I am very happy. The Epic is flashed over through Boost Mobil through an incognito phone and has served me since it first came out. I bought it on a special through Radio Shack for 50 bucks and it turned out to be one of my best purchases. I want to thank you Devs for all the work you have done over the years and if any of you need it its yours. It includes the incognito for boost mobile and screen protector and cheap plastic hard case. Good Luck to you guys I enjoyed the interaction immensely. Unfortunately xda does not support my phone but phandroid does. Hope to see you guys around. I will check this and PMs every few days for replies. Please for DEVs only.