Phone [ROM] Victory Rom for Galaxy Victory

Development for this phone has been slow, though this phone is a bit outdated. It is a great phone but only has one official rom, Conquest. Development for that has been ceased so I decided I wanted to continue development for this great phone. I put together a (partially) KitKat themed ROM based on the TouchWiz MG5 rom. It features KK Status bar icons (and some popups and windows), much better battery life, more memory management, less RAM consuption, zipalign, battery tweaks, and a few other init.d scripts, and it is fully deodexed. All the useless GApps were removed. It also uses the VaeVictus OC kernel, up to 1.8 GHz. Updates are released whenever they are made It is in Beta stages right now, so bugs are prone to happen. Any help with development is always appreciated. Check out the official page here!

Help for cooking AOSP lockscreen into ROM is greatly needed! Thanks