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worked perfeclty for me !
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Originally Posted by MacProoo View Post
worked perfeclty for me !
Glad to hear it! Don't forget to post screens of great times, or share any additional tips or tricks you may use to help increase batt life!
Backup: Galaxy Nexus (Gyrannosaurus Nex) - SlimKat 4.4.2
Current: Note 3 (Notorious 3) BajaRom COMBAT Ed / BajaRom 10 / Jelly 'Beans' 6

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Great batt life reported on latest Baja Rom 10. ..

Notorious 3
Backup: Galaxy Nexus (Gyrannosaurus Nex) - SlimKat 4.4.2
Current: Note 3 (Notorious 3) BajaRom COMBAT Ed / BajaRom 10 / Jelly 'Beans' 6

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Originally Posted by az_biker View Post
28 Hours Unplugged & 7:14 Screen On Time- Beans Build 6

27 Hours Unplugged & 9:52 Screen On Time- Baja 5.5 Beta

*see bottom of post for screens of these results

With the GN3's monster display, all the usable features, and the integration into our normal daily activities, I knew getting a FULL DAY unplugged would be the Holy Grail for this device. So I set out to find the settings, apps and tips that offered the most benefit of the device's features while still providing incredible battery life. These are based on a ROOTED, Verizon LTE, standard battery device (some settings are useful for Stock, non-Rooted devices as well)

ONCE a month I will run the battery down to <5% then charge it to 100% without interruption. The rest of the time I charge the battery when it reaches between 20-30%. With a ton of reading, THIS method seems to be the universal middle ground to keep your GN3 battery healthy, and get the most charges out of it.

Here's what I've found so far: feel free to add your input on what works for you!

Basic, Easy To Adjust Settings:

Display Brightness: 50-75% (Auto - Off)
This usually more than enough for normal use, and with most Custom Roms having a Brightness Quick Toggle, or a Brightness slider in the Notification Bar, it is very easy and quick to change this setting to watch videos or in bright light situations.

Turn Off GPS In Location Settings
Many of us use GPS regularly, but very few of us need it on 24/7. Believe it or not, GPS constantly correcting position, and constantly updating apps using location info takes a lot of power over the period of an entire day. Manually activating GPS is a quick toggle away when it is needed.

Turn Off SYNC In Google settings
Syncing a bazillion apps every 30 min or few hours adds up at the end of a full day! When I check my email, FaceBook, Twitter, Weather, Stocks, (you get the picture) I just sync THAT app. If I am doing a mass information check, I'll SYNC ALL, but I do it manually.

Most feel the need for email, FaceBook, Twitter updates to be instantaneous and constant. IF constant connectivity is your goal, and it is certainly your choice, just realize it won't come with great battery life. It's about balance. I believe my settings find a good middle ground between ALWAYS ON and ZERO FUNCTION.

Screen Timeout In Display Setting - Set To 30 Seconds
This one saves the power button AND battery, and it's self explanatory.

Power Saving Mode In Settings
Power Saving Mode give you the option to limit CPU performance, use lower power consumption in the display, and turning off haptic feedback (vibrate on key touch, etc) ALL which require additional power, reducing battery life. If you need one of these to be changed, easy access and toggling makes the change quick and simple.

Turn ON Smart Network (rom specific)
Turn on Smart Network in settings>more settings to aid in extending battery life. Simply put, Smart Network temporarily turns off the network after a period of non-use, and when your device screen is turned on again, it turns the network ON. This DOES NOT affect INCOMING calls, texts, or any INCOMING communications. It does take a second or two for the network to reconnect, but it is negligible and barely noticeable.

FREE Apps To Help Increase Battery Life:

GREENIFY - Play Store
This app basically gives you the ability to place apps that usually run in the background in a "Hibernate" state. When you click on the widget or the app to use it, it automatically "Wakes Up" and you have use of the app. After a period of inactivity that app places itself back into "Hibernation" until the next time you need it. Set up consists of downloading the app, highlighting the apps you do not want to constantly function in the background, and hitting the checkmark. UI for Gereenify is simple and very effective.

Better Battery Stats - Play Store
BBS gives you an overall view of what your battery is doing, what is using it the most, what is causing wake-locks and anything else going on with the battery. UI is fairly simple, knowing what to look for is probably the hardest part of using BBS. If an unknown app is keeping your device form going into DEEP SLEEP, you'll see it here. If an app is running your CPUs ragged, you'll see which CPU frequencies are being used and for how long.

Perfect System Monitor - Play Store
AS you can tell by the name, this app monitors most of your device's important system functions. The functions that can help you catch a battery hungry app are; CPU Frequency, Cpu Usage, Battery Voltage, Current Network Up and Download... If any app is acting a fool without you knowing it, or running in the background sending 150 other apps your Google stats sucking your battery life, this app will let you see in real time if something has your cpu pegged, your battery voltage pegged or your network active without you using it.

Extreme Battery Saving Measures:

Turn Off Notifications
Turn off NOTIFICATIONS from apps that frequently send notifications (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.) When you open these apps they usually update themselves upon opening. Again, if staying in CONSTANT contact with every app is your goal, forget trying to save battery life :P

Turn Off Vibration
Self explanatory

Consolidate Widgets Into Folders
Individual WIDGETS each use a little power to connect themselves to the app they represent. When placed in FOLDERS, their individual "footprint" is reduced significantly as is the power required t display each widget. Instead of having 45 individual widgets on your home screen, consolidate similar widgets into FOLDERS. Creating a folder varies by Rom You can try long press on home screen, create or click FOLDER, name the FOLDER (optional), drag similar widgets into the folder.

Below are from Beans Build 6

Below are from Baja 5.5 beta

Thank you for this needed information.
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