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Hello guys, i have a problem with the backup and restore feature of Whatsapp.
I have a Huawei Vision (android 2.3.7) and a HTC sensation running latest CM11 build..
I wanted to port my Whatsapp messages to my sensation so i've done the following;
1. backup on the Vision.
2. copying the msgstore.db.crypt6 from the Vision to the Sensation
3. installing whatsapp on my sensation.
4. when it starts for the first time it asked whether i wanted to restore my old backup. i said yes.
5. it took a while sayed "complete"(or similar) afterwards
and now there's this problem: There are no chats in the new whatsapp. everything is empty. only a few groups appear but without the messages..

i've tried a few different whatsapp build on the sensa, but everytime its the same. it says it found something but then there is nothing..
i cant use TB because vision isn't rooted.. and Helium does not work with android 2.3.7

Any Idea?

EDIT: I found the solution. I used a different Google account on the sensation than on the vision. I totally did not thought that this could effect WhatsApp. .
I changed the account to the same and deleted the other one and now my complete chats are shown.