Default Cam Probs with iHackers V4.1

I updated to iHackers v4.1 from here:
Everything works fine. Root is still on my Z1. Wonderful.
But my Cam does not focussing :/

The Notes says:
In case someone runs into Camera Issues, Flash the Full Kitkat FTF first and then Install the ROM.
If i klick the Link, there are so many Files and i dont know which i should take.

Which Version? 757?
Which Provider? No Matter what, unbranded or for my Proivider: Vodafone DE
Do i lost my Root?

My Z1 is set nearly perfeclty.
Is there a solution to fix the camera problem without losing root?

My Bootloader is unlocked.
And i dont know how to know which Baseband Version i have
I see only: