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Apologies for bringing a dead thread back alive, hoping someone can help me. I want to install 10.1.3 but my bootloader is at I747MVLUEMK5. Can I edit the updater script to include this bootloader and then try the install? I don't know if that would mess anything up. If anyone could shed some light on it that'd be great.

The reason for doing this: Wireless Display is crashing on 10.2.1 with my phone but my buddy who has his S3 on 10.1.3 is able to share his screen with my smart TV without any issues. If there is a workaround that'd be great too.

Thanks !
If the bootloader is not supported, I do not advise editing the updater script to include your bootloader. Development of 10.1 probably stopped before the 4.3 bootloader was made available to the general public.