Prompt [Kernel] Display color inverted, shows black instead of white

I own a chinese manufactured Android phone based on the Qualcomm MSM8225Q SoC. I could build the kernel with source code obtained from CAF (tag R8625QSOSKQLYA3070) and config obtained from the phone's stock kernel (with extract-ikconfig script). The kernel boots, works, almost everything works perfectly except the display.

The display works fine right after booting up. However, after phone display shuts off and I wake it up again, the color on the display get's inverted. Here is what I mean.

Exactly after booting up:

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After display turns off and I wake it up (by presing power button):
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Kernel Source:
defconfig: primoh1_defconfig
MSM Video Driver: hx8389b

Can anyone help me fix this?