Default [Q] Notifications and Samsung Apps not working on Gear and Kitkat LG G2


My gear is set up using Null 23 and Triangulum Kernel 1.0.1

I am using Gear Manager 1.6.132701.

My LG G2 is using android version 4.4.2. It is using a stock rom.

I installed the gearmanagerstub, gear manager, the 21 (19 really) APKs, and I used the Samsung apps that have the touchwiz requirements removed.

The only thing that's working properly is making phone calls using the gear, the camera, and the voice memo.

No notifications are working. SMS isn't working. Samsung Apps shows "No data" on my phone.
I tried to sideload the Gear version of the Kakaotalk app and it isn't showing up anywhere on the gear even though it says it is installed.

I would really like to get SMS notifications to work. I'd also like to get Samsung Apps working. Does anyone know what I may have done wrong?

Edit: I downgraded to gear manager 1.5. The Call Log now works, but notifications still dont seem to work. I'll update with more details later if I get anything working.