Default Unexplainable NFC difference between two S5's

So, check this out, it's weird... I've got two S5's, same ROM, with a weird difference. Take a look:

First, note that NFC is on, but there's no icon in the status bar. Second. note the advanced menu option. Now look at this one:

Notice there IS an NFC icon up top but there is NO advanced menu item. Every value on the About screen is identical, so they're definitely on the same version. Neither has had any sort of hacks applied... they ARE both rooted and I actually did the change to make the SD card writable, I guess that counts as a hack, but that's it. All the same apps disabled on both and I haven't been able to even find any settings differences.

I can't explain these differences. Note that NFC works between the two, so clearly it's on even though there's no icon on the first phone. I've tried clearing cache on both, reboots obviously, makes no difference. Flipping NFC on and off also doesn't change anything.

It's really just an annoyance but I HAVE this sort of little thing, it'll bug me until I have an answer. Any ideas? Thanks!
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