Default [Q] Mac sync problem on Cyanogenmod

Hi, I am on the latest stable version of Cyanogenmod (10.2) and am having problems connecting to my Mac. At the moment my Mac mini (mavericks) can only see the Droid 4 for about 5 minutes after rebooting, then I get the message that the disk has been removed without being ejected. I am connecting by USB (though am happy for Bluetooth or wifi suggestions).

Disk utility cannot see the Droid 4 or its sd memory card when I plug it in, only on a freshly booted phone.Don't think it is the memory card as I have tried it with other cards. Likewise I do not know if it is Cyanogenmod or an app that may be causing this.

Oh, and of course when I get round to posting this the phone has stayed connected for an hour without disconnecting. The last time it did this was when I installed Cyanogenmod.

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it? Thanks