Default [Q] Stuck At LG Logo When Trying To Install Roms

Sadly, I installed the Kitkat ota, through a misclick. I am on the Verizon LgG2. So the problem isn't that I'm stuck on the logo after the ota, it is that after successfully rooting, flashing twrp recovery and creating a backup with which I can get out of this loop easily, I cannot get a rom to work. Every time, and of four roms I have tried I am stuck in a bootloop. I am not new to doing this sort of thing and have done it perfectly without troubles before the ota, but now I can get no roms to boot correctly, and I am thus stuck on the logo. I have tried AutoRec, but to no avail, maybe because I had applied twrp before using AutoRec. Nevertheless, is anyone else having this issue or has anyone corrected the problem when they had it? I'd love to get a rom going!!