Default [Q] Most stabe custom rom recommendation?

Hi guys, I've been using miui 2.3.7 for a long time now and for general I'm happy with it. But at my college I've 801.x eap connection and it seems I can't connect to it with my current rom. So I think it's time for me to look new one.

I did some research already and the more I read, the more confused I am. It seems that many roms, especially the MIUI ones all have similar problems related to performance, wifi issues etc.

Anyway, I'm really confused by which one to try. I don't want to risk bricking my device or going through the trouble of testing each one and experiencing the problems or bugs, and then try the next one and so on. I was wondering if someone could kindly provide some suggestions as to which rom is the most stable and is decent in terms of speed/performance.

Also, by stable I mean that it has the least bugs OR that it has the minimum amount of critical bugs that could affect the phone's daily use.

Thanks in advance.