Can we get video drivers from android-ia repo? Intel releases bay trail images, I think the drivers should be available in their source tree

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Sorry for the late reply, been busy working on my Note 3 and my computer wanting to catch on fire. So After bitlocker problems and running into ways to re partition the drive it became possible but in pre alpha stage. I was working with someone in my office who was trying to get it to work and he concluded that even if it semi succeeded there would be way to get drivers to work or maybe even get visual. We assumed that we would have no control over the touch panel so we would connect a usb hub with a keyboard, mouse, and usb stick with all the files to work but looks like we are not doing something correctly to get anything to write correctly. I even wondered if I could dual boot linux/ubuntu but i havent gotten past the frustration of this plus my computer dying. Ill post up the files as soon as soon as i can. maybe someone can take over my work.