Default [Q] CM11 - No keyboard / camera


I hope this wasn't asked before, but I couldn't find anything.
I am currently using CM11 (latest build) with minimal gapps installed and face two problems:

A few months ago, when it was released in the play store, I decided to install the Google keyboard. This app somehow replaced the AOSP keyboard on my phone. I wasn't to impressed with it and decided to uninstall it, leaving me without any keyboard at all! This hasn't changed since, no matter how often I upgraded the CM11 and gapps build. It's no big deal for me, because I use another keyboard app, but I find this behavior rather strange.

I seem to have a similar problem with the camera app. When the Google camera app was released recently, I tried installing it - this time it didn't work, it told me that the app was already installed. After that I found out that I suddenly had no camera on my phone at all! How is this possible?

Can someone tell me where these apps have gone and how to recover them?
Thanks in advance.