Default VegaCream RC2 on Avent Vega and USB keyboards?

VegaCream RC2 on Avent Vega and USB keyboards?

Dear 'all',

I am an avid computer enthusiast, but a novice to android.
Recently purchased 10.1 Advent Vega Tabliet PC which had the original Android HARMONY 2.2 FRF91 20110211.101539 OS.
Tried 'HoneyIceRC3Chimera Android 3' which was great and I could connect and use a USB external keyboard, which is great as
I can 'touch type.' I found the 'HoneyIceRC3Chimera' not totaly stable over a long period of time and then installed the VegaCream RC2
Android version 4.0.4 which is brilliant and I have found this OS totally stable! unfortunately I don't see that I can connect a USB external keyboardwith this OS. I am an Android novice who is a quick learner. Could somejone please advise or direct me to the the most stable
Android for myVega which utilises the latest Android version it can and can also connect to a USB keyboard. Tall order, but you guys
are the experts compared to me! (at present!)

Patience and advice appreciated!