Default Android phone as Blue Tooth Reciver for PS3 controller.

I have absolutly no money, so even spending 2 bucks on a bluetooth dongle from ebay or something is out of the question. I don't even have a way to pay for things online so don't mention buying anything even if its dirt cheap.

I have a rooted Samsung Galexy Note II with Android 4.1.2, and of course bluetooth (works with PS3 controllers via the Six Axis app). While I can use a USB cable and DS3 tool with my PS3 controllers on the PC, I only have one working micro-usb cable and I rather like having a wireless controller now.

So is there any thing out there that could let me use my phone as a blue tooth reciever/dongle? I do have USB debugging enabled. I'm not afraid of doing some technical stuff, I can read and follow directions and I know a few things about computers and my phone.