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IMEI Analyzer is a powerful tool for IMEI Analyzing, IMEI Checking and IMEI Calculating.

- IMEI Checking:

Check whether the given IMEI (15-digit number) is valid or not by calculating the Check Digit (using Luhn algorithm) and then comparing with the Check Digit of the given IMEI. There is also the option that allow you to fetch data (Brand and Phone Model) from the popular website

- IMEI Calculating:

You can enter the IMEI without the Check Digit (only 14 digits) and this app will calculate the Check Digit by using Luhn algorithm.

- IMEI Analyzing:

Breakdown the IMEI into the following parts:

Type Allocation Code (TAC)
Reporting Body Identifier (RBI)
Mobile Equipment Type Identifier
Final Assembly Code (FAC)
Serial Number
Check Digit

More info about IMEI:

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. The full IMEI number is 15 digits in length. You can obtain the IMEI by open the phone's dialpad and enter *#06*. Or you can see it in the label on the back of the phone, behind the battery.


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