Default z1 debranding

hello everyone,

i bought a Z1 C6903 was locked on French carrier SFR. I did pay for an unlock code, and now it's permanently unlocked.
i hate that SFR boot screen logo also these apps bundles came installed in it. so I want to debrand it with a stock/generic firmware.

before flashing, i need to make sure this won't damage IMEI and BASEBAND and render the phone's radio unusable.

i.e: Unknown Baseband or Missing IMEI

Please check the screenshots below, it has all the phone's info, including firmware version, baseband # and other crap from SFR carrier.

i'd appreciate any suggestion or help in what i should do in this case!

BTW: Bootloader unlock allowed: No (is it possible to make it Yes somehow?)

thank you very much.

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