Default [Q] Memory Leak in 4.4.2?

Since I updated to a 4.4.2 TouchWiz ROM, I've been getting memory leaks after a week and a half or so of uptime on my AT&T i337. I notice that apps need to be reloaded shortly after using them previously, and even Nova launcher is getting kicked out of memory. The only fix is a restart. Looking through running services and cached apps before clearing memory shows almost everything has been removed from memory to make room for whatever phantom process is taking up all the RAM. The screenshot attached was taken after using the option to clear RAM. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Details on my setup:
SHOstock-i v5.0 (based on the NB8 firmware for the i9505)
Upgraded to MLD kernel in order to run 4.4.2 TW ROMs
Safestrap 3.71
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