Default [Q] Rom build help

Hi guys, First time poster and a complete noob at development, and I have a question.

I have successfully ported a slimbean 4.4.2 to the tf701t(I think), but the problem always comes up, even on other custom except Official CM11.

There is a game that I want to work badly, KoF2012, It always says "Failed to initialize data file" and "Package access helper has stopped".
Other games works without problem, except this one.
Does anyone know where the problem may be? I checked the Apk itself, change it's manifest so it's on Opengl version is "131072"
I checked the Source file of the rom and fixed any Mount problem, and still didn't work.

I've read it might be Selinux problem or 4.4.2 failing to open Encrypted Obbs.

Any help would be great. Thanks