Smile [ROOT][Recovery][Mods&Tweaks] Alcatel OneTouch 5035

This is a new thread for AOT 5035.I started it,because there isn't any complete thread for our phone.I want to post my experience,ROOT guide,recoveries,tweaks,engines,...and maybe later a custom ROM

Immediatelly on the beginning I have to tell you,that I've tried all of the recoveries,guides etc.,which I've posted here,BUT:I have AOT 5035D,so it may not be working on other 5035 device.You should have at least basic knowledge about what are you doing and necessary terminology! You're doing everything on your own risk! I'm not responsible for any bricked or damaged devices,degraded batteries or SD cards.It's recommended to do a full backup before aplying tweaks! If you don't understand anything,contact me immediatelly!

If you have some advice or objection,write a comment or contact me on e-mail or FB.Your response is welcome.

I greatly recommend to begin a member of the usergroup on facebook (I'm a new xda member,so I can'give you the link )

I probably don't have to explain you why root your phone.If you don't know why do not root!
There is a guide on xda but I found it too difficult.Other posibility is root through Baidu root,which is an android app.The only problem is,that the app is in chinese language,but if you are clever,you'll success.The last method is the easiest and most comfortable:Kingo Android Root.This is a user-frindly program for MS Windows.
Guide:Plug your phone to computer via USB and let it instal phone drivers.Download and instal Kingo root.Run the Kingo root.It automaticly detects your device.Hit "ROOT" button and wait until it reboots your phone.Go to the app drawer in the phone.If you find "SuperSU" app,you were successfull! There are also other posibilities:Framaroot,OneClick root but I wasn't successfull with them...

There are lots of recoveries,but I recomend the two most famous:CWM and TWRP.You must have CWM for flashing most of 5035 ROMs but if you want to do a nandroid backup of your current ROM,you need TWRP!
How to flash recovery:It's very easy:
1.Go to Google Play and download [ROOT] Rashr flash tool.apk (or you can use Recovery flasher utility)
2.Download the recovery file on SD card
3.Open Rashr,grant it su permission
4.Hit "Flash recovery>Other from sdcard
5.Choose the recovery file
6.It asks you if you want to flash it>hit "Yes,please"
7.Wait until it flashes it
8.It says Recovery flashed! and asks you if you want to reboot into recovery>Hit "Yes,please"
9.If the phone rebooted to the recovery,you were sucessfull...YEAH!
If the flashing process failed,try it again and if you aren't sucessfull again try another recovery.You can download CWM and TWRP from here and I also uploaded Canibal Open Touch recovery for those,who want to try something different,but I think that CWM and TWRP are better for common usage.
EDIT:I've found a new recovery for our phone two weeks ago and now I've finished testing. The name of the recovery is Carliv recovery. It's based on CWM v6.0.4.4 and you can controll it both by touchscreen and buttons. The instalation/flashing process is the same as CWM or TWRP. When you flash this recovery, you can both backup ROMs and flash new ROMs without using two different recoveries. I'm using this recovery and I'm very satisfied

Tweaks/ Performance boosters/ Sound&Graphic engines

Build.prop tweaks
Build.prop is a system configuration file. You can find it in /system partition but in some cases (e.g.: Stock ROM) the build.prop file is also in the /custpack partition so don't forget to add these commands to both of these files! Adding the following commands there, you can enjoy better performance of your phone Copy these commands from below, open an file manager (I recommend X-Plore, Total commander or ROOT Explorer), find build.prop, long prsss on the file, choose "Edit text" and paste those commands on the end of the build.prop, save all changes and reboot your phone. You should notice that your phone is smoother and the graphic performance is better

# Tweaks by MikkyX3 ( xda developers ) #

# Display Config

# Performance

# Hardware Acceleration


# Battery

# End of tweaks by MikkyX3 #

I'll update these commands and I'll add new ones to gain the best performance

Sound improvement
There are lots of sound tweaks on the Internet,but I think that they aren't very effective and the improvement isn't very noticeable.After a long time of searching and experimenting I found Viper4Android app.You need ROOT and Busybox installed on your phone.You can download the latest version of the app from here.For instalation you have to allow non-Google Play apps installation (Settings>Location&Security>Non-Play store apps allowed).When you open the app,you have to grant it SU permissions,then the app asks you for instal sound drivers.Choose Best quality,it hasn't significant battery consumption,believe me .Then reboot your phone,open Viper app and set the sound as you like.
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