Default Guide to resolve 0 bytes internal memory of s3 mini GT-I8190

Hi, today i am going to tell a solution to a very weird problem experienced by many s3 mini users of 0 bytes and non-formatable internal memory storage mostly it can be done by repartition with pit but some times the problem does'nt resolves it is due to corrupted efs

Some symptoms:
Factory mode
Yellow text appearing again and again including phone PDA,CSC,IMEI and other things
Not registerd on network and sim not working
Unable to install any app from market or directly apk
When boot into recovery a statement appears "invalid argument unable to mount /efs'
When phone attached to pc the internal memory shows -108957575 like
Efs backup is attached
there is no need to be worry it is due to corrupted,formated efs to get rid you need to flash efs by heimdall or you can use efs professional tool (google it) this tool is very helpfull to backup and restore efs and twrp recovery can also be used these methods will work if you have backup of efs
But when if you don'nt have the backup send it to any phone repair service they will restore efs and your origional phone imei and if you have warranty then send to samsung.MOSTLY THIS PROBLEM IS DUE TO MBR,GPT WRONG FLASH.I MY SELF FACED AND RESOLVED THIS PROBLEM.

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