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Hey I tried posting directly to thread but guess im new, i have htc one x + and on the revolution page. It says i need one of firmware packages. So i downloaded the package matchibg my cid mid number HTC__001 but there were 2 files. 401.1 and 401.3.. i tridd both, i relocked my phone. Put both in same foldee as my fastboot (ofc at diff times) and in both cases : cannot load when i do oem reboot ruu. My phone goes to a black screen with htc logo and holds there, it doesnt do anythg but remain on that page. Am i missing a RUU? How do i download an RUU to use or something. I tried changing directory of cmd to my fastboot folder. Didnt work. Cannot load everytime, amy ideas? Btw i live in lebanon. Unlocked phone. No carrier branding on it. Should i insert sim card in it? It has no phone number in it