Question [Q] Ignoring apps in multitasking menu (holding home key)... is it possible?

Hi guys,
sometimes (2-3 times per day) I clean running apps by holding home key -> multitasking menu -> close all.
Please don't blame me for doing this or say that in android it's not necessary to clean memomory and so on...
Everything is fine when doing this, except that closing "dialer-contacts..." app, when I open it again it has some micro-lag when opening again. This is the only app I don't want to close. I could close all other apps except this, but it's not confortable as pressing a single button to close all.
So, my question is: is there a way to prevent that multitasking considers "dialer-contacts..." app in its history? so that I can close all app with a single button avoiding to close that app?