Default Completely ERASE phone internal card from ABD

Hello everyone, hoping here I'll find better support..
I've got a phone with a completely broken screen, I can't see anything. I wish to sell it as broken, but first I need to completely erase internal memory: apps, datas, but also personal files such as photos, videos and more. I need a phone back to its stock and out-of-box settings.

The only way I have to do this is using ADB from my PC, using some commands to erase the internal memory. I've read the guide on ADB which is sticked here, but it's not clear for noobs like me, which folders should I erase..

I mean, I should erase every single folder or there is a way to completely erase internal memory? Then I suppose I should install another ROM via ODIN (it's a SGS 3) to have a functional phone.

Can someone help me? Thank you!