Default [Q] JeppesenTC: does it work?

Hey guys,

I just got myself a new Note 8.0 and am currently in the process of evaluating it for my uses.

One of the apps I want to use on it is "JeppesenTC", a chart viewing app for aviation charts.
As soon as I open it though (and I click on Demo) the chart-selector (right hand side) disappears and I'm left with the few icons on top and a blank space underneath, when I select the various Demo charts, only the title on top changes, nothing else.

Could someone else please download the app and tell me if he/she/it can view the charts normally?
I'd like to know whether this is a Note 8.0 problem, and since Jeppesen seems to be a bit slow on updates, this might force me to return it...


edit: I had to send it back due to an unrelated issue...
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