Question Poor battery life, SDcard?

I've just run into something interesting...last few weeks, my Note (4.1.2 stock, Philz kernal, rooted) has been having some issues
with battery life.
It hasn't been lasting the day, even with a new battery, battery stats didn't show anything unusual. At times, the back would get
hot and I'd pull the battery, reboot and it might be ok the rest of the day, or it might do it again.
This weekend I started to notice that if I accessed a couple specific programs, that I have moved to the EXTERNAL SD card, that
is when it would act up. Moved those programs back to the internal SD, problem disappeared.
I took the microSD card out, put it in an SD adapter, plugged into my computer and it was having a very hard time reading it.
I bought a new microSD, same size (16gb), copied everything from my backup of the card, over to the new one and installed it
in the Note, and I've not had one issue and the battery appears to be holding up A LOT better.
Now, this card originally came from my Dell Streak when I used it, so it is going on 4-5 years old, has had a lot of stuff copied
and removed.
To the microSD or NAND experts, could it be a failing card even this early? Things act up, but I would think the card would last
a bit longer than 4-5 years?
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Huawei Ascend Mate2
ROM: 4.3 Jelly Bean
Kernel 3.4.0-g9428221 @pekeaulxd0121 #1
Build number: MT2-L03V100R001C00B126